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I'm Alice, and I've loved and been obsessed with astrology ever since I read my first horoscope as a child. Since then, I've studied under astrological luminaries such as Rebecca Gordon (through whom I'm certified and have personally mentored under), Debra Silverman, and Steven Forrest, and I've also trained in Tarot through Biddy Tarot and Ellen Goldberg.

I graduated summa cum laude from the University of Washington with a degree in sociology and anthropology, and I've also owned my own successful spa business for almost a decade and learned the challenges of balancing work and life, so I'm passionate about using my skills to help bring clarity into the lives of my busy and often overwhelmed clients. My specialty as a reader is translating the wisdom of the stars into lucid, concise language and workable advice.

Reading charts is richly fulfilling for me and, I hope, for my clients as well. Please check out my offerings and feel free to connect to see how I can help you!

Currently, I live in the Pacific Northwest with my husband and a very sweet cat.

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"Alice is the best! She went through my birth chart (which blew my mind in several places) but also over upcoming transits and eclipses to help guide my decisions in the new year. I had been struggling with a decision regarding a job change and I feel 100% better about it after seeing that my chart backs it up as a good call. Highly recommended!"

Holly H.

"Alice has so much knowledge and passion for astrology, and I had a great experience during my reading! What she interpreted in my chart really resonated with me and gave me a lot to reflect on. She is able to share her expertise on detailed concepts in a way that is approachable and easy to understand. Her skill combined with her warm and genuine personality make her an incredible astrologer! Thank you, Alice!"

Emily N.

"I loved my astrological reading with Alice Smith! She gave me much insight to reflect on, and a lot of clear support to move forward. Humour, generosity, intelligence, openness - her spirit in reading is collaborative, engaging, and creates a lovely dynamic intimacy - she felt like a friend or ally in waking up to deeper levels of myself. Highly recommend."

Isabelle A.

"This was my first time getting an astrology reading and it was fantastic. I really didn't know what to expect, but was caught by surprise at how many times the things that Alice told me felt true or resonated in a big way. Going through the birth chart was kind of like a breath of fresh air, I felt like I was receiving validation to be what I always felt I am if that makes sense. Alice is very easy to talk to and you can tell she is very passionate about astrology which makes the experience so much fun. I am planning on reserving another time with her in the future."

Meredith M.

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