F A Q s


Should I book a birth chart, transit, or combined reading?

A birth chart is always a good place to start, but if you would like to take a look at the themes of your upcoming year, then consider a combined reading. The birth chart is the foundation for all readings, so unless you have a solid understanding of your chart, the standalone transit reading is more appropriate for returning customers who've already had their birth chart reading.


Which reading makes the best gift?

If you know that your loved one is already a serious astrology enthusiast or is going through a tough time and would benefit knowing their transits and progressions, consider the Birth Chart + Transits Reading. Otherwise, the standalone Birth Chart Reading makes a great overall gift.


How do I prepare for a reading?

Make sure you give yourself the time and the space to be fully present for your reading. Standalone Birth Chart Readings and standalone Transit Readings take up to 75 minutes. The combined reading takes up to 2 hours, and the Relationship Reading takes up to 2.5 hours. Make sure you are physically comfortable and in a space where you're able to speak freely, have drinks and snacks available if you'd like, and also give yourself a few minutes beforehand to decompress before logging on. You may take notes if you'd like, but the readings are recorded to encourage you to be fully present and engaged.


What can I expect during a reading?

The readings will delve into your interpersonal patterns, childhood experiences, difficulties from the past, etc. For many clients, their readings may resemble a counseling session from which they, hopefully, can emerge with clarity and self-awareness.


Can I have a friend present at my reading?

If you've booked a full birth chart or full transit reading, ask yourself if you would have that friend at a therapy session. If the answer is 'no,' then consider doing the reading solo and sharing the recording later if you wish.


Can I get a group reading or a reading with a friend?

However, if you are hoping to do something fun as a group, consider booking an event for a party, or email me to arrange doing special session of mini-readings with your friend as a bonding experience. Events are also available virtually and can accommodate multiple attendees.