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April's Eclipse is Going to Shift Things in a Big Way

The eclipse is coming! The first eclipse of 2023 is happening this month. And while it won’t be visible unless you’re in Central America, it still has the power to affect our lives and year ahead.

If you’ve felt that the new year has been a bit blah so far, you’re not wrong. Astrologically, the new year didn’t really start until the spring equinox last month in March, and these eclipses will really propel some serious energy forward.

Eclipses occur when either the Earth or moon block the sun from each other. When the moon gets between the Earth and sun just right, it casts a shadow on the Earth, and that’s a solar eclipse (think “moon sandwich”). And when the Earth gets in between the sun and moon in perfect alignment, a lunar eclipse occurs (think “Earth sandwich”).

All kidding aside, eclipses are astrologically significant. Solar eclipses represent new beginnings, while lunar eclipses are believed to herald endings. Eclipses inform us of the vibe of the upcoming year’s energy. Unlike transitory planetary shifts that come and go, eclipse energy leaves an energetic imprint. My own mentor likened the sun to a celestial radio, always broadcasting its energy continuously upon us. And when the moon blocks the sun, it changes the frequency of that station. The energy changes, and so does our energy here on Earth...

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