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Astrology of 2023

(Note: I held a free 2 hour webinar for my email subscribers going over a lot of the points in this article in greater detail. If you want to get on the list, click here and scroll down to the bottom of the page to enter your email address.)

Wow. We entered 2023 with some funky retrograde energy, didn't we? If you've been feeling out of sorts since the end of October last year, then you felt the Mars retrograde (which ended yesterday). Add in the Mercury retrograde that started at the end of last month and we were just swimming in that "neither here nor there" liminal space. What a weird way to start the year!

The good news is that Jupiter's entered Aries (since Dec 20), Mars has gone direct, and Mercury will also come out of retrograde next week, so by the new moon on Jan 21st, things will feel differently.

This year features a lack of the major aspects that characterized the last few years, which is a good thing. It means that we're going to get a break from the nonsense that made us all feel like we were swimming upstream just to tread water. While it also means that we probably aren't going to enjoy something massively positive that'll drive us back into true recovery (I'm eyeing the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction of 2024 for that), it does mean that the relief is starting.

The planets that are changing signs are: Saturn into Pisces in March, Pluto making its first dip into Aquarius also in March, Jupiter into Taurus in May. Uranus will stay in Taurus, and Neptune will stay in Pisces. If you were born under the signs hosting these planets, you may feel the effects of these planets especially more so!

Note to Aries: We are enjoying Jupiter for a spectacularly short period of time (until mid-May), so if you're an Aries wanting to make things happen, get to it and get started!

Aside from the Mercury retrogrades throughout the year--which tell us when not to travel, not to buy new appliances or devices, when to not move, and when to just basically cool it--we should also be aware that Venus will go retrograde in summer (July 22 - Sep 3). In addition to becoming very sensitive, Venus Rx will also make us reflect on our values, our friends, our relationships, and our money. So be sure to not misinterpret the need to reflect as a sign itself that you need to end relationships, but do enter that state of reflection and think about it. In other words, don't be reactive, but do face your fears. I would expect Leos to be the most affected by this retrograde.

The nodal axis is also shifting, so we're going to be changing from Taurus/Scorpio eclipses to Aries/Libra eclipses. Under Taurus/Scorpio, the eclipse energy brought focus to money and worth, while the Aries/Libra will highlight identity and relationships.

So although we aren't having major aspects in the sky this year, we will still be feeling energetic shifts. While all the signs mentioned will be feeling an energetic focus shift, Aries, Taurus, Libra, and Scorpio will be in position to make major changes to improve their lives. (So happy for you, Taurus and Scorpio, as you have not had it easy in a while.) Meanwhile, my Aquarius and Pisces friends may feel the forceful energies of Pluto and Saturn (respectively) as those planets enter their sign, bringing intensity and a demand for practicality (again, respectively).

Jupiter in Aries is a fantastic time for all of us--not just the Aries--to push forward on whatever it is you're working on. This is a perfect energy to coincide with the new year, as it'll add fire and life to our resolutions and goal-setting! For me, I will continue to expand my astrology business as well as continue to look for an agent to represent a novel I wrote during the pandemic. What about you?

Get it started now, then reap the fruits when Jupiter enters Taurus!

Obligatory astrologer's disclaimer: If you have questions about how the astrology of 2023 will affect you personally, I would ultimately need to look at your chart.

Random aside: I've also noticed an uptick in relocation readings in the new year. It makes sense that as we consider what we want to do in 2023, we'll also think about where we want to do it from! And in the process of helping people find places that energetically match their goals, I've managed to discover some new places that I want to travel to, too! With a 9th House triple conjunction, I love to travel, so it's really fun getting to live out my fantasies of being a travel agent through astrology, haha!

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