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Be Your Own Astrologer, Part 2: Identifying Challenges & Obstacles

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

In Part One, we identified our sun sign as one of the major lessons that we are meant to learn in this lifetime. Once we accept that we are here to learn to embody our sun signs, we can then identify the difficulties and challenges that we’ll face along the way. A simple way of figuring out the pitfalls of your sign is to look to the signs immediately before and immediately after your sun sign.

The signs that flank your sun sign tell us about your blind spots and weaknesses.

Leo, for example, is sandwiched between Cancer and Virgo. Cancer and Virgo are the two most other-oriented signs in the zodiac. Cancer wants to nurture others and Virgo wants to serve others, and the two contrast against Leonine self-centeredness. Leo, in fact, is probably the most self-centered archetype in the entire zodiac! Therefore, Leo’s inherent weakness is in its awareness of the other.

If we keep going, we get to Virgo where we see the archetype of the servant. Virgo is flanked by the two biggest peacocks in the zodiac, which are Leo and Libra, and those two signs contrast against Virgo’s tendency to martyr itself and put itself last. After that, we reach Libra and we find that the vanity and superficiality of Libra is placed between Virgo’s humility and Scorpio’s depth.

This does not mean that you should master the surrounding signs. Rather, look to the neighboring signs as reminders of your blindspots. If you’re a Taurus learning the lesson of security in this lifetime, your neighbors Aries and Gemini just want you to remember to not reject all change (Aries) and to not always reject other points of view (Gemini). It doesn’t necessarily mean that you must learn to be an Aries daredevil or a Gemini jack-of-all-trades. You still want to do your Taurus thing, but with some self-awareness of your potential shortcomings.

Another way of thinking about this is that your neighboring signs can represent areas where you need help. If you’re an enterprising Aries, for example, you simply might want to hire someone to do the Taurean type of consistent maintenance work in your business.

Here is a quick cheat sheet of neighboring signs and their reminders:

Aries: Don’t forget that other people matter (Pisces) and don’t forget the value of consistency and follow-through (Taurus).

Taurus: Don’t reject all change (Aries) and don’t always reject all other points of view (Gemini).

Gemini: Don’t reject the value of staying on topic (Taurus) and remember that other people’s feelings matter (Cancer).

Cancer: Don’t be so afraid of the world outside (Gemini) and don’t worry so much (Leo).

Leo: Don’t forget to think of others (Cancer) and don’t forget to help others (Virgo).

Virgo: Don’t forget to have fun (Leo) and don’t take things so seriously (Libra).

Libra: Temper your vanity (Virgo) and don’t be afraid of getting to the bottom of things (Scorpio).

Scorpio: Don’t forget the value of tact (Libra) and remember to surface from the depths to share your insights (Sagittarius).

Sagittarius: Don’t forget that even truth can hurt (Scorpios) and don’t be so quick to discard things from the past (Capricorn).

Capricorn: Don’t forget to share your wisdom (Sagittarius) and don’t get overly stuck in tradition (Aquarius).

Aquarius: Don’t reject all things conventional (Capricorn) and don’t forget that you’re still part of a collective (Pisces).

Pisces: Don’t be afraid of being alone (Aquarius) and don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself (Aries).

Stay tuned for part three, where we talk about identifying the support and help for your sign!

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