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Finding Bliss and Love with Venus

Venus is the key to our pleasure, to our bliss and sensuality, to how we achieve that ever-elusive release that makes us relax and go "ahhh." Venus tells us how a person experiences romance.

My previous blog article was about the moon, and I thought that we could continue our discovery of the feminine planets by diving into Venus. Like the moon, Venus is more of a receiver and less assertive. Her influence on us is more behind-the-scenes (but potent, nonetheless!). Astrologically, Venus rules love, our values, pleasure, sensuality, and money. She is foreplay and desire. She has a hand in our artistry.

Venus rules Taurus and Libra. Taurus is the most sensual sign, and it's also associated with money. Libra is about beauty, art, and harmony.

Venus represents the point in our evolution where we realize that we need other people. She gets people to protect her because they like her/love her (the Libra way). She can also pay people to protect her because she's wealthy and has resources (the Taurus way).

Venus in the chart tells me what you find beautiful and the type of love you most enjoy experiencing. In a relationship, you'll feel the most loved if your person loves you the way your Venus sign prefers to experience love.

With that in mind, let's dive into Venus throughout the signs.

(Obligatory disclaimer: There are exceptions to every placement, and there are a lot of things that can influence your Venus's expression, such as aspects from other planets--especially outer planets.)

Venus in Aries

Venus in Aries is bold, sexy, and daring. I'm dating myself with this television reference, but she's Xena, Warrior Princess. She finds beauty in displays of strength and vitality. In love, she's not shy to argue and fight for what she wants. However, this isn't a comfortable home for Venus because she's what the medievals called "in detriment" here.

In Aries, she's as far away from her home of Libra as possible because Aries and Libra are opposing signs. Aries in Venus cannot rely on tried and true ways of expressing her love, passion, and beauty, because Venus is at a disadvantage here in the sign of the warrior. She wants to fight, but it's actually not her nature. Venus is about connection, so she's not exactly comfortable on the battlefield. Recall the myth of the Trojan War. When Aphrodite attempted to ride into battle to help defend Troy, she was immediately run off the field by Athena, Goddess of War.

If you have Venus in Aries, you want fiery and passionate love, and you're also full of fight. You also have little patience with unnecessary foreplay, but you do find the thrill of the chase exciting. Sex is important in your relationships, and your approach to it is straightforward--none of that Libra coyness or Cancer cuddling for you.

Anyone with a planet in detriment experiences conflicting needs between what the sign represents and what the planet represents, which means that they need to tap into their own creative genius to figure out their own unique way to express their beauty and grace. You're never going to fit into a box when it comes to Venus, so stop trying.

Your beauty lies in courage and daring--there are exceptions, of course, but a typical Aries Venus appreciates a good adrenaline rush. If meditation, yoga, breathing techniques, and journaling don't work for you, it's because you're different. Your calm might reveal itself while skydiving or white water rafting!

Aries is the most physical sign, so if you carry anxiety and can't relax, then the one thing I'm going to ask you to honestly ask yourself is if you're getting enough exercise. Are you moving enough?

Great couples' activities for a Venus in Aries type is anything physical that you can do with your partner. And if you can inject an element of competition? Even better. Challenge each other to a tennis match, a ping pong game, or a game of darts. Aries loves a good competition. Venus in Aries will appreciate any mate who's willing to compete with you in good fun. Sore losers and homebodies probably need not apply.

Aries needs to sweat, and when Venus is in Aries, your inner goddess of love is a mover and shaker--literally!

Venus in Taurus

Venus is at home in Taurus!

Taurus is steady, sensual, and delights in the pleasures of the world. I liken Taurus to the Empress card in the Tarot, pregnant and lying on her plush chaise, surrounded by fertile fields and vibrant flowers, wearing a crown of starlight and flowers on her head.

If you have Venus in Taurus, you have exquisite taste. Unlike Libra that will put up with fads and discomfort for the sake of looking good, Taurus Venus demands comfort and quality. My mom is a quadruple Taurus, and she's the most frugal woman I know, but she will pay extra for quality clothing, bedsheets, and food. And that's because Taurus is an earth sign, so it cares about things that are tangible and can be experienced through the senses. Things need to taste nice and feel nice against the skin to Taurus.

Therefore, Venus in Taurus is a sensual, luxury experience!

Since Venus rules artistry, when she's in her home sign of Taurus, it can confer talent to art that involves the physical senses--cooking, pottery, textiles, etc.

Great couples' activities for Taurus Venuses include couples massages, spa days, wine tastings, special dinners.

Since some believe that Taurus rules the inner ear, sound bath therapy is also a fantastic way for Venus in Tauruses to tap into their inner zen. Venus in Taurus can also recharge by connecting with the earth--gardening is a fantastic hobby for them!

Venus in Gemini

Gemini Venus likes to talk and learn new things. Talking is how you connect and relate, and your curiosity is how you express interest in love.

You want to know the who, the what, the why, and the how, and it's in that questioning that you find your inner goddess. To you, knowledge is beauty. This Venus is stimulated by the mind. This is an intellectual and curious Venus!

Gemini Venuses are attracted to information, so the way to charm one is to tell them about the next amazing podcast or book. You know how they say that the key to a man's heart is through his stomach? Well, with Venus in Gemini, the way to their heart is through their mind, so be prepared to discuss issues with them if you want to be with one!

Venus in Gemini is curious and attracted intelligence.

Venus in Cancer

You feel loved when you're nurtured, protected, and feeling cozy and safe. You like to feel taken care of, and you show your love by taking care of others. You love home and you love family, so your environment should feel cozy and charming.

This Venus shows her love by nurturing others, and that's why you'll often find Cancer types feeding people. Cancer loves making sure people are warm and fed. That being said, Venus in Cancer will often use food to self-soothe, so watch that waistline when you're not feeling your best. It's okay to self-soothe, but don't turn it into a full time coping mechanism.

Surround yourself with cozy things. Indulge in the holiday decorations when that time of year comes around. Insist on your family sitting around a table for dinner. Family is important for Cancer placements, and you'll derive a lot of joy from celebrating family.

Staying home, making a home-cooked meal, and cuddling up on the sofa while watching a movie is a great date night for this Venus.

Reciprocity of care is important to this Venus. If you don't nurture her when she feels like she needs it, her love turns into resentment quickly. She'll remember all the times she came through for you and resent that you didn't show up when she needed it. Anyone--man or woman--with this Venus feels their emotions strongly, so remember to communicate that to your partner!

Cancer, like Virgo and Pisces, are the top 3 candidates for martyrdom in the zodiac. Make sure someone is filling your cup, too!

Venus in Leo

Leo is big and loud. It's the star of the zodiac, the sign of the performer and the king. It's the center of attention.

You are so good at giving compliments to others and raising them up. Leo is ruled by the sun and your love has the ability, like the sun, to make people feel like the sun is shining on them.

I'm a fan of gold for you, something that grabs attention. The diva aesthetic isn't for everybody, but it is for you--even the milder Leos can do with a little touch of diva. Work in a vibrant, vivacious, bold environment that celebrates your joy.

To keep that Leo Venus happy, present yourself at your best. Venus is about beauty and Leo likes to look its best. Especially the hair--you will feel better about yourself if you do your hair.

Also, compliments really do good things for the Leo psyche. Do not get into relationships with people who can't say nice things about you. I'm not saying that you should only hang around people who only say "yes," but watch out for people who refuse to acknowledge your good. When you look good and feel good, you make others look and feel good.

This Venus enjoys a good old fashioned grand gesture. A fancy night out, an excuse to dress up, a surprise trip to the Bahamas--these all sound good to a Venus in Leo!

Venus in Virgo

Venus is again in a strange land in Virgo. In Virgo, Venus is in "fall." She's like an uninvited guest in Virgo, so she has some work to do before she can make it feel like home.

Venus wants to connect, love, make friends, and achieve harmony. Virgo wants to categorize. Virgo is critical, discriminating, and is the editor of the zodiac. You show something to Virgo, and it tells you all the ways it doesn't work. Virgo is a perfectionist whereas Venus would prefer to just forgive and get along. See why the two can struggle when you put them in a room with each other?

You find beauty in perfection. It's that simple. You need to own your own standards and not compare to others. There are a lot of Virgo Venuses that excel when it comes to find craftsmanship, such as fashion designers who produce haute couture. Venus in Virgo has the fine eye for artistic detail!

Your aesthetic is all about elegance and good taste. I actually find that a lot of fashion models have strong Virgo placements, such as Virgo Venus or a Virgo ascendant, because they're so put together.

To feel your absolute best when it comes to delivering beauty services, you need a clean and orderly environment. Do not share your home or work space with a slob or a disorganized person. Order and beauty in simplicity is important to you. The Zen aesthetic is right up your alley!

Venus in Libra

Venus in Libra needs beauty, peace, and harmony. You are all about aesthetics. You also need your coworkers to get along--no cattiness or nastiness, please. Peace at home and peace at work will please your inner goddess of love greatly.

There are exceptions, but Libra Venus needs beauty. A pretty space, pretty surroundings, pretty clothes, and pretty conversations.

This is the Venus that loves foreplay. She can engage in foreplay for ages without ever getting to the main act. She also requires courtship, so asking her to Netflix and chill will not impress this Venus placement. Both men and women with Venus in Libra need their partner to be elegant and respectable in presentation, so clean up for your Venus in Libra!

Eat healthy meals, too. Don't opt for the sugar snacks or donuts in a pinch. Venus in Libra is exceptionally vulnerable to blood sugar issues. (Sorry if you have a sweet tooth.) Also moderate your alcohol and drink enough water because Libra rules the kidneys.

Venus in Scorpio

You take relationships seriously. Scorpio Venus loves hard, demands loyalty, and is looking for a partner to stand with to face down this sh*tty world together. It's you and your ride or die against the world.

Your ideal aesthetic can be mysterious, a little dark, a little dangerous--but definitely sexy.

Scorpio is another detriment placement for Venus, because it's opposite from her home sign of Taurus. Venus wants to make friends, but Scorpio is suspicious and believes that no one is to be trusted. You probably have a small circle of close trusted friends as opposed to a lot of friends that you aren't as close with (like Libra Venus).

However, like Venus in Libra, you want romance. You want to know that it's the two of you against the world, living for each other. You want to trust another person completely.

I wouldn't go with the grand gestures of a Leo Venus, but when you're dealing with a Scorpio Venus, make it meaningful and true.

Venus in Sagittarius

You like fun, you like parties, you like jokes. You also like adventure, learning, and traveling. Out of all the Venuses, you're the most adventurous. You eat as a way to experience culture, so you're game to try the foods of other people as a way to understand them. Out of all the Venuses, you're the most likely to marry a foreigner or someone outside of your ethnic group/culture.

This Venus is a philosopher that loves to travel and learn. You love the feeling of gaining wisdom through experience and learning. You love broadening your mind and expanding your understanding, especially through learning about cultures and faiths.

This is the fire Venus that most likes being outdoors, so a perfect date for you is a good hike or climb up a mountain. Maybe go make love by a tree. (Just kidding...sort of.)

Sagittarius rules the liver and Venus rules our indulgences, so moderate your alcohol intake and be mindful of substances.

Venus in Capricorn

The term "champagne taste" was invented for you. Taurus might disagree, but you want the best. You enjoy the creme de la creme and you have discerning taste. Your Venus shines through its high standards. When I think of Venus in Capricorn, I think of the Palace of Versailles, gilded in gold and perched atop a hill, looking down on the world.

Your aesthetic is also more on the traditional side. Not kitschy or cozy like Cancer can be, but refined, elegant, and timeless. Don't chase fads and trends, because that's not for you. You are a standard bearer, not a trendsetter.

There's always a sense of formality with this Venus, which means that she rocks a suit. She can make suits and trench coats look sexy. This Venus uses fashion to express its status.

Respectability is critical to this Venus placement, so like with Venus in Libra, don't show up scrubby for this Venus. Where Venus in Libra wanted to be thought well of, this Venus wants to be thought highly of.

Venus in Aquarius

Where Capricorn is timeless and traditional, you are inventive and avant garde. You like things that are different. Heaven forbid you do something "basic!"

You love all things weird, quirky, and futuristic. And humanitarian. Any partner of yours needs to share your care when it comes to the planet and the collective. Your partner should also display some sense of independent thinking, proof that they're not blind followers.

This Venus is artistically off beat and innovative, welcoming to new forms of art and new styles of music.

This is another intellectual Venus who likes ideas and discussions. An interesting debate about the state of the world or taking a day to volunteer for a good cause are welcomed! A cool art exhibit showing the work of a cutting edge, modern artist will also peak this Venus's interest!

Venus in Pisces

Ah, sweet Pisces. Venus doesn't rule Pisces, but she is "exalted" here. She is like an honored guest in Pisces, so while it's not her home, she's very comfortable in this sign.

Pisces Venus is spiritual, romantic, and kind. She wants romance with a capital R. She loves animals. Her heart breaks when she witnesses cruelty. She finds transcendence through love... which means that she also has questionable boundaries with her friends and family. Pisces Venus really wants to see the best in her people, which means that she can get let down in love.

Make sure you cut out the toxic folks in your life, as Pisces tends to collect underdogs and scoundrels alike.

For Pisces Venus to thrive, people need to be nice. Unkindness affects them tremendously. This Venus also needs to feel some connection to love and a higher power.

Aesthetically, the Pisces vibe is dreamy and romantic, like impressionist paintings. Turn poetry into art and you have the Venus in Pisces vibe. There is a softness and sensitivity with this placement, and a disposition towards kindness. To feel good, Pisces Venus should opt for almost a daydream aesthetic.

This Venus needs the fairytale romance, to feel transcendence through love. It's also the most at risk for falling in love with love.

If you're intent on wooing a Venus in Pisces, bring on the poetry.

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