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Swimming out of Pisces and into Aries


This Pisces season was gnarly. Did you feel it?

With so many planets (Sun, Neptune, Mercury, Jupiter) all stacked in Pisces, I really felt it this time. And, by "feeling" Pisces, I mean that I wanted to nap all the time. Pisces is ruled by Neptune, and both are associated with transcendence, otherworldliness, vision...and dreams--hence, sleep. For example, when Neptune aspects your sun--your vital force--your immune system and vitality can suffer. (Hence, sleepiness.) Daylight Savings happening towards the end of Pisces season was also a total jerk move.

We are now solidly in Aries, my home sign. The day that the sun moved into Aries was the first day I woke up in a while feeling like I actually got enough sleep. And when the sun conjuncted my natal sun at zero degrees Aries, I felt the life come back into me. I don't know how my friends with water-logged charts do it 24/7--just experiencing a few days of that Pisces stack made me feel psychically drippy.

These things affect everybody differently, of course. My mentor, Rebecca Gordon, often speaks of astrological ecosystems, and she encourages people to conceive of an ecosystem that is representative of their natal chart. I'm fire and air dominant with moderate dose of water, so while I'm not completely without water, being mostly fire and air, I'm just not comfortable with too much water and feelings. I joke about my water-dominant friends being water-logged, but that's representative of how I feel when there's too much of that element, because that's what that much water does to my personal astrological ecosystem!

So how does the energy of each sign affect you? Negatively? Positively? Neutral?

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