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Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius, and Their Awful 2021

A specific subset of fixed sign people had an awful 2021, and they're not the same after last year. By "fixed," I mean people born under fixed signs, so I'm talking about Tauruses, Leos, Scorpios, and Aquariuses. And the specific group of fixed folks I'm referring to are the ones who were born about 5-14 days into their sign. So if you were born 5-14 days into Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, or Aquarius (see below for birthdays that fall in this range), then 2021 was your annus horribilis.

Taurus: April 25 - May 4

Leo: July 27 - August 5

Scorpio: October 27 - November 5

Aquarius: January 25 - February 3

We can thank the Uranus-Saturn square for this particularly difficult time. Due to both of them occupying the same degrees in Taurus (Uranus) and Aquarius (Saturn) at various points throughout last year, anybody with a natal sun sitting at those degrees on the fixed cross got simultaneously hit by either a head-on collision or got T-boned by both of those planets. (If you don't speak astrolingo, it's okay--it just means that if you were born during the dates above, you had two very difficult planetary transits happen to you at the same time at some point last year and you probably needed a hug.)

Our numbers all get called at some point by these planets, but it's very difficult when both deliver hits at the same time. (Certain Aries, Cancers, Libras, and Capricorns born in the 20º-25º degree range of their sign can attest to this after being hit by the "Cap-stack" of 2020 that comprised of Pluto and Saturn stacking together in Capricorn.)

When Uranus strikes your sun, your sense of self identity gets a shock to the system. It can feel like the universe tore off your ego's protective coverings and your ego can suddenly feel as if the emperor has no clothes. And when Saturn gets involved, it can feel as if hardships just keep piling up on you as your foundation gets pressure-tested. Saturn brings a sense of restriction, so for the people who experienced Saturn and Uranus at the same time last year, it might have felt as if they got tied down (Saturn) and kicked (Uranus) simultaneously by life.

My husband is a 12º Scorpio who got hit by a Uranus opposition and Saturn square in early summer. One of my dearest friends is a 11º Leo, and her version of the jumble was a Saturn opposition and Uranus square in late spring. Had any of them been Tauruses, it would have been a Uranus conjunction and Saturn square, while Aquariuses would have experienced a Saturn conjunction and Uranus square. Out of the four, the Leos and Scorpios had it harder, since oppositions and squares are often indicate more difficulty.

Both my husband and my friend had sudden and unforeseen job changes forced upon them. They both also had to move unexpectedly. When I described the feeling of being held in place while getting smacked around to my friend, she shouted, "that's exactly what it felt like!"

People born near but outside of our date range either already experienced or will experience these transits separately, which may or may not be easier or harder, but our fixed friends who were hit by both Saturn and Uranus simultaneously are more likely to have experienced life-altering events. The comfort that I can offer to this group is that you weren't alone, it was a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence, and it's over. (The Uranus transit might still be lingering, but Saturn has exited as far as your sun is concerned.) You survived and you grew from the experience.

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