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The Love Letter to Taurus

Taurus is an earth sign, so you get all the qualities of earth with this sign, such as practicality, pragmatism, follow-through, loyalty, and staying power. However, Taurus is Venusian earth. Taurus is earth that's blessed by Venus, goddess of love and beauty, so this is fertile earth upon which you can grow crops of creativity and plant seeds for successful relationships. This is earth, with all of its glorious longevity and groundedness, that also appreciates aesthetics, pleasure, and relationships.

The cons of Taurus tend to be resistance to change, stubbornness, and materialistic tendencies. To be fair, however, materialistic tendencies are a risk for all earth signs, and stubbornness is also a hallmark of all fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius).

That's the general, mainstream take on Taurus.

My personal take?

I love them. They're one of my favorite signs. As much as I wish my own Aries season could last forever (an idea that I'm sure would make Cancer and Virgo cringe), I'm always okay with passing the reins on to Taurus. Taurus has a reputation for being stubborn, but that doesn't mean that they're difficult to get along with. When talking about Taurus, it's important to distinguish between "stubborn" and "uptight." Uptight is very different (I'm looking at you, Virgo). Taurus is comfortable in the physical body, so they're not going to judge you for farting or burping (looking at you again, Virgo). They're also not quick to anger (Aries guilty, here). Their brand of cool is also effortless and laid back, not as attention-seeking as, say, Leo or Libra.

They also know where to buy the good stuff and where the good food is at. They're the best curators. For the most part, they're some of my favorite eating buddies. They'll throw down at a table with the best of them. They'll roll up their sleeves for some messy BBQ just as quickly as they'll sit down for a four-course, prix fixe meal. What I love most is that they're also loyal and say what they mean and mean what they say, which is very gratifying to my Saturn-Moon conjunction, which. takes. everything. seriously.

Needless to say, there are exceptions to every generalization, and I'm not doubting that asshole Taurus exist, but, by and large, they're constant and steady folks. And perhaps it's that constancy and adherence to standards that makes them come across stubborn?

Something that most Taurus struggle with, however, is that they don't enjoy change. They prefer reliability and consistency. The signs before and after Taurus tell us a little bit about Taurean struggles: the ability to go! go! go! (Aries), and the willingness to consider other viewpoints and ideas (Gemini). Does this mean that the goal of all Taurus folk should be to work to become multifaceted daredevils? Noooo.

If we're going to assume that your birth chart is the lesson plan for your soul--as evolutionary astrologers often do--then your sign indicates a lesson for you to learn. Taurus craves security. Therefore, being born under the sign of the bull tells us that a Taurus's ultimate lesson this time is to learn security because security is a wish that their soul has come to fulfill in this lifetime. Something that they experienced in the past left them in some state of insecurity and feeling a lack of safety. Given this perspective, we can see why just assuming that all Taurus must become bold daredevils like Aries or jacks-of-all-trades like Gemini might hurt the evolution of a soul that, perhaps, has had their share of action in the past. Remember--there's a difference between making peace with appropriate actions, changes, and flexibility versus trying to embody those qualities. Most people don't enjoy budgeting and saving money, but if we're mature, we do it because we need to. (Correction: Most fire-dominant people like myself don't like to budget and save money. Didn't mean to malign you earth signs.)

Taurus creativity is also something truly special. It combines the material practicality of earth with the Venusian eye for beauty and elegance. When I think of Taurus, I think of spring earth, earth that is fertile, rich, wet, and full of potential. As such, between Taurus and Libra--the other sign that's ruled by Venus--Taurus is the more creative Venusian sign. (I consider Libra more the aesthete rather than the creator.)

If you have friends that have strong Taurus placements (especially sun, moon, or Venus), walking them past soft, fuzzy, luscious rugs or clothing is just asking for them to reach out and touch them. They're tactile, they take pleasure in sensations. They are the sign that is the most comfortable in its animal body. When I see my kitten making biscuits on my fluffy blanket and her eyes are closed in pleasure as she's purring and padding away at the soft material, I think of Taurus. (Then when she lies down to sleep on it, I really think of Taurus! They love naps!)

If you know a Taurus, appreciate them for their steadiness and the calm they bring after the zaniness of Aries. They're truly a refreshing presence in a spinning world!

Along those lines, I'd like to offer these beautiful thoughts from Megan Hanna, a talented astrologer and yogini. It's always helpful to hear from different points of view, and Megan's astrological observations are both poetic and insightful, and here is her lovely meditation on Taurus:

Taurus is such a refreshing contrast to the quick, fast paced world we live in today.

Sometimes it feels like we live in a Aries world - where we want it quicker, faster, more immediate.

Yet Taurus leads by example of honoring the slowness and embodying the work hard, lounge hard principle. What’s the rush, Aries? Let me show you the value in doing it another way.

Work hard so we can enjoy the fruits of the labor. And not just fruits, but sweets, loaves of bread, creamy soups, french fries, comfort foods of all varieties.

Quite the palette for the finer things.

Let me show you how it’s done. We’ll work, the rest some, then do a little more, then retire for the evening, Make a nice dinner, let’s sit outside on the back porch, light a candle, put on some nice music, and enjoy the moment. Then we’ll wake up the next day and do it again.



And some might call it boring but I find pleasure in the uncomplicated.

To find beauty in the calm.

Listening to the sway of the trees in the breeze. Can you hear the birds? Can you feel Mother Earth awakening?

To experience the world through all of the senses.

To smell, to taste, to see, to listen, to feel it all. And just be with that.

To just be.

That to me, is Taurus.

(Courtesy of Megan Hanna of Megan Hanna Astrology)

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