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Want to stay up to date with the cosmos with custom content that is personalized for your own unique chart? Sign up for a membership and receive monthly guidance that goes beyond basic newsletter updates. Members enjoy personalized content, feedback and support, and access to exclusive content. Join the club and begin living your life by the stars!

Level 1 - $45/m

Level 2 - $69/m

Level 3 - $96/m

Due to the time consuming nature of creating customized content for these very personalized memberships, spots are limited. 

Level 1

Level 1 membership includes a monthly overview of how the new/full moons  for the month will impact you personally based on your own unique birth chart. Your emailed report will include a summary of a tarot reading for the overall vibe of your month. (The reports and readings may be written or recorded on video with a link to view.) The membership includes 1:1 email feedback to clarify any questions you might have about your custom monthly guide. Level 1 members also enjoy a 5% discount off of services and gift cards, as well as a solar return report on their birthday.


Level 2

Level 2 membership includes everything in the previous level, but it takes the lunations guide in Level 1 and expands it to also include the other planets and retrogrades in your personalized monthly report. An upgraded Tarot report also includes a personalized reading for any question you wish to ask the cards. All material is either written or recorded and is sent through email. Members at this tier enjoy 10% discount off of services and gift cards.


Level 3

Level 3 membership replaces the written/pre-recorded format of the previous tiers with a live reading. Level 3 members enjoy a monthly 40 minute 1:1 on Zoom for discussing your chart's astrological events for the month as well as your Tarot reading. (Please note that this is not intended to replace a birth chart reading or full transit reading, and the intention will be to focus on the month ahead.) Members at this tier enjoy 15% discount off services and gift cards.

Level 3 spots at current pricing are extremely limited. Click below to join.