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Bottling Sunshine

Did you know that the energy of the sun on your birthday is super revitalizing for you? And did you know that you can bottle it up?

After the energetic ups-and-downs of eclipse season and Mercury retrograde, we’re getting a much needed break. I’m happy to report that the month of June doesn’t feature intense astrological happenings, so we’re getting some cosmic breathing room. (Yay!) In the absence of major astrological transits this month, I’d like to share a recipe for birthday water—solar water.

On your birthday, the sun returns to the same position it was when you were born. Therefore, the solar energy that day is highly compatible with your mind, body, and spirit, because it’s the most similar to the energy from when you were born. Solar water is a way of capturing that compatible juju so that you can use it throughout the rest of the year whenever you need a psychic zhuzh.

My medical astrologer teacher taught me how to make solar water, and now I make it every year on my birthday, as well as for my friends. Of all the astrological herbal remedies and concoctions, solar water is, hands down, the easiest to do on your own. At home, I regularly mist a little personal solar water on myself whenever I’m tired, feeling down, or need a boost to help me shine brighter before an event. Is it placebo? Oh, maybe. But I’m a big believer in anything that makes you feel most authentically yourself.

(Head over to JoySauce to get the recipe!)

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