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Venus Star Points Are Astrology's Next Big Thing

Astrology goes through trends. Just a decade ago, most people had never heard of Mercury retrograde, but now it’s a pop culture reference (even if not everyone knows what it means).

I believe that Venus Star Point (VSP) signs will be the next “it” thing in astrology. It’s something that’s established among serious astrologers—so we’re not making up something new—plus we get to look up new star signs for ourselves. And who doesn’t love that?!

Last month, we talked about Venus going retrograde on July 22. Serious astro-nerds know that whenever Venus goes retrograde, it will soon meet the sun in a conjunction—the sun and Venus will basically line up together from our perspective here on Earth. And when that happens, the VSP sign will change. This month, the VSP sign will change to Leo when Venus and the sun align on Aug. 13 in the sign of Leo.

(To find out what VSP sign you are and what that says about you, head over to JoySauce to read the rest of the article!) (It's cool--I promise!)

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